SOLD Wooden Hutch

SOLD Hutch: $149 31 inches wide, 67 inches tall, 14 inches deep. This would be a cute bookcase, as well. Its size is so petite and versatile. It could work in a bedroom, as well, for cute things and pretty folded sweaters, etc. ... [Continue Reading]

SOLD. Shabby Chic Hutch

Shabby Chic Hutch 44 inches wide, 72 inches tall, 18 inches deep Solid wood, very sturdy. Open storage behind the two cupboard doors. Two drawer. Pale teal color with cream undertones. $249 Please note that the white sheet music paper is not permanently fixed. It can be removed so that the backing is just wood like the shelf above, or I have ... [Continue Reading]

Black Distressed Dining Table Set and Hutch: sold.

Black Distressed Hutch: $349 Black Distressed Farmhouse Table: $249 *table comes with two benches and two chairs*       ... [Continue Reading]

Shabby Corner Hutch: sold.

This cute little corner hutch would be a perfect addition to any room. It measures 6 feet tall x 2 feet wide and 11 inches deep. It is priced at $154.00. Please note that all of our available items are in used condition and are purchased 'as-is'. Our items are sold on a first-come (first call/text), first-serve basis. We aren't able to hold ... [Continue Reading]

Shabby Chic Storage Hutch: sold.

This shabby chic storage hutch is very sturdy and provides excellent storage for your bedroom or office. Behind the curtain, it's all open and would be a great space for a small tv, books, stacked clothing, or toys, etc. It would be super cute in a nursery or little girl's room. It measures 30 inches wide, 17 1/2 inches deep and ... [Continue Reading]

Shabby Gray Hutch: SOLD.

  This shabby gray hutch is solid wood, very well-built and extremely sturdy. It has cream undertones and a very thin coat of frappe gray over the top. The measurements are: 43 3/4 inches wide, 18 inches deep and 70 3/4 inches tall. It is priced at $319.00 $249.00. ... [Continue Reading]

SOLD. Shabby Chic Corner Hutch: $125

This shabby chic corner hutch is 23 1/4 inches wide, 72 inches tall, and 12 inches deep.  ... [Continue Reading]

{Shabby Gray Hutch}

SOLD. Shabby Gray Hutchwith cream undertones4 feet wide, 17 inches deep, 6 feet 7 inches tall Solid wood, VERY VERY heavy. Lots of storage.Wire cupboard doors and sweet vintage hardware!Base bottom shelf plus glass shelf that goes above.[[Though we didn't stage the hutch this way, there is a glass shelf that comes with it, so essentially ... [Continue Reading]

{Black Distressed Hutch}

SOLD. Black Distressed HutchBroyhill, great storage!45 inches wide75 inches tall15 inches deep$249.00 ... [Continue Reading]

Black Distressed Corner Hutch

SOLD. Black Distressed Corner Hutch$99.00 ... [Continue Reading]

Small Shabby Hutch

SOLD. Small Shabby Hutchwooden, with glass doors, comes with three interior shelves (not pictured), though I think it may look best with stacked books, blankets, dishes, etc.$49.00 ... [Continue Reading]

{Shabby Little Cupboard}

SOLD. Shabby Cupboard Solid wood, great storage with slot shelves inside cupboard.-------------------------------------$75.00{Before and After} ... [Continue Reading]

{Shabby Chic China Hutch}

SOLD.Shabby Chic China Hutch-------------------------------------$225.00 ... [Continue Reading]

{Cream Distressed Farmhouse Cupboard}

Cream Distressed Farmhouse Cupboard-------------------------------------------------------$75.00 ... [Continue Reading]

{Black Distressed Hutch}

SOLDHere's our black distressed 'spanky' hutch!Black-distressed, solid-solid wood. This is one of the most well-built pieces of furniture we've ever come across.----------------------------------$275.00 ... [Continue Reading]

{Shabby Chic Hanging Hutch}

SOLD.Shabby Chic Hanging Wall HutchSolid wood. Pretty gray damask pattern on the backing.-----------------------------$39.00PS - Isn't Mr. Keller such a good sport?! He looked like a super chic Spongebob Squarepants walking around with that thing, which had me in giggles. But I had to make sure you all saw it's potential, since it's supposed ... [Continue Reading]

Black Distressed Hutch

SOLD.Black Distressed HutchSolid wood, plenty of storage48 inches wide60 inches tall16 inches deep-------------------------------------------------- ... [Continue Reading]

Shabby Hutch

SOLD.Open-faced Shabby HutchSolid wood, Custom construction.---------------------------------------------------- ... [Continue Reading]

Black Distressed Hutch

Black Distressed Hutch - sold.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ... [Continue Reading]

Farmhouse Hutch

Farmhouse Hutch - sold.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ... [Continue Reading]

Farmhouse Hutch

SOLD.{Farmhouse Kitchen Hutch} ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$175.00A little bit about this piece:It is solid wood, very high quality and in excellent condition. It comes apart in two pieces for easy transportation. The cupboard doors can easily be taken off, if you prefer that sort of ... [Continue Reading]

Shabby Chic Corner Hutch

SOLD.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$85.00 ... [Continue Reading]

Black Distressed Hutch

SOLD! (To myself!) ... [Continue Reading]

Shabby Chic Hutch

SOLD. ... [Continue Reading]