SOLD. Farmhouse Sofa Table

    Chippy farmhouse sofa table/entry table/flatscreen tv console Very versatile piece! 18 inches deep, 31 inches tall, 56 inches wide $99.00 ... [Continue Reading]

Shabby Chic Flatscreen TV Console/Buffet: sold.

  This vintage radio cabinet is perfect repurposed as a flatscreen tv console or entryway/buffet. It's very sturdy and the front middle cupboards slide open where your dvd player unit can be placed. The original radio is still in there (I believe it still works!), but it could easily be taken out permanently. It measures 5 feet wide, 18 ... [Continue Reading]

Stained Wood Buffet or Entry Table: sold.

This vintage buffet is solid wood, in excellent, clean condition and is very sturdily built. It measures 44 inches wide, 17 inches deep and 32 1/2 inches tall. It would work great as an entry table or a tv console, as well. It is priced at $159.00. ... [Continue Reading]

Shabby TV Console: sold.

 This vintage dresser is the perfect size for a flatscreen tv console. It measures 19 inches deep, 72 inches wide and 25 inches tall. It could also be used as a storage or craft dresser. It is solid wood, very sturdy and has nine drawers in total. The price has been reduced to $134.00.     ... [Continue Reading]

SOLD. Shabby Gray Dresser/TV Console: $199

This is an eight-drawer dresser (plus two faux drawers). It's very sturdy (and heavy!) and built with solid wood. It would work great as a dresser or even multi-purposed as a changing table in a nursery, but with it being tall and thin, I think it would work great used as a flatscreen tv console. The measurements are: 63 inches wide, 19 1/4 inches ... [Continue Reading]

{Shabby Gray Credenza}

SOLD. Shabby Gray CredenzaSolid wood, very sturdy!Perfect for entrway, in a kitchen, or used in an officeGreat storage. Perfect little cubby below for basket storage.36 inches wide, 20 inches deep, 30 inches tall$145.00 ... [Continue Reading]

Black Distressed Buffet/Flatscreen TV Console

SOLD. Black Distressed Buffet/Flatscreen TV Console(please excuse my lovely garage : )Two drawers, two cupboards with open storage inside and one long shelf that extends from one side to the other.Perfect to store dvd player, dvr, etc.44 inches wide, 17 inches deep, 31 inches tall$164.00 ... [Continue Reading]

{Shabby Gray Buffet/Entry/TV Console}

SOLD. Shabby Gray BuffetSolid wood, so very vintage! Great storage. Very versatile piece.Would be excellent for a flatscreen tv console, as this piece has shelving on the bottom for your dvd player, plus cupboard space for dvds. 36 inches tall, 18 1/2 inches deep, 37 inches tall$199 ... [Continue Reading]

{Shabby Chic Buffet}

SOLD. Shabby Chic BuffetOh my goodness, you guys! It's breaking my heart to let this buffet go! I've had this in my bedroom for a long time now, but it's time for a little switch up! This is a solid wood piece with that shabby charm that's so hard to be replicated. It would be a really sweet entry table or a flatscreen tv console. It would also be ... [Continue Reading]

{Black Distressed Flatscreen TV Console}

SOLD. Black Distressed Flatscreen TV Consoleor storage dresser.$99.00 ... [Continue Reading]

{Black Distressed Buffet/TV Console}

SOLD. Black Distressed  Buffet/TV Console$99.00 ... [Continue Reading]

{Black Distressed Nine Drawer Dresser}

SOLD. Black Distressed Nine Drawer DresserGreat used as a tv console, too!19 inches deep, 31 inches tall, 70 inches wide$149.00 ... [Continue Reading]

{Black Distressed Console Table}

SOLD. Black Distressed Console TableGreat in an entry way, used as a sofa table, or as a flatscreen tv console16 1/2 inches deep, 48 inches wide, 27 inches tall$75.00 ... [Continue Reading]

{Black Distressed Dresser/TV Console}

SOLD.Black Distressed Dresseror TV ConsoleSolid wood, super heavy! Nine drawers, all slide great!71 1/2 inches wide 19 1/4 inches deep30 inches tall$135 ... [Continue Reading]

{Wooden Buffet/Flatscreen TV Console}

Wooden Buffetor Flatscreenn TV Console 47 inches wide16 inches deep30 inches tall SOLD. ... [Continue Reading]

{Shabby Buffet/TV Console} PRICE REDUCED

SOLD. Shabby Chic Buffet/Tv Console20 inches deep34 inches wide28 inches tallPRICE REDUCED$50.00 ... [Continue Reading]

{Black Distressed Buffet/Dresser}

SOLD.Black Distressed Buffet/Dresser/Flatscreen TV Console--------------------------------------------$125.00 ... [Continue Reading]

{Black Distressed Flatscreen TV Console}

SOLD.Black Distressed Flatscreen TV ConsoleSolid wood, Very Sturdy---------------------------------------------------------------- ... [Continue Reading]

Black Distressed TV Console

Black Distressed TV Console51 inches wide27 inches tall17 inches deep------------------------------------------------------------------------- ... [Continue Reading]