Decorating for Autumn

I found this vintage crate at a garage sale down the road for $5.00 earlier this summer. I've been waiting for the right time to use it and because of the masculine tones, I thought it would be perfect for this month. I've mostly used browns and deep mustard yellows for decorating this month. I love burnt orange and have a ton of decor for ... [Continue Reading]

Entryway Decorating.

Much like our dining room, I switch accessories and colors out in our entryway quite often, as well. I'm always on a budget, so finding the right pieces can be a challenge, especially when I rarely pay over a few dollars for the things I find. The red I decorated with for the 4th of July lasted less than a month and then I was dying to ... [Continue Reading]

Decorating with Red.

Now, I'd like to start out saying how much my heart loves the color red. Red lipstick. Red shoes. Red jewelry. Red undies ; )Red nail polish.Red berries. Red cherries. Red wreaths. Red buckets. Red metal tins. Red. Red. Red. That being said, on an average, normal day, there isn't a single ounce of red in the Keller household decor. In ... [Continue Reading]