Set of four vintage books: REDUCED $12.00 These books have fabulous patina and are large (9 inches tall x 7 inches deep) King headboard: REDUCED $49.00 This measures 76 inches wide and 55 inches tall Vintage canvas painting, gorgeous teal blue, browns and grays. Large! 35 inches x 21 inches. Would be sweet in a little boy's room or ... [Continue Reading]

Sold out offerings

I'm so sorry it took me so long to post photos this morning. I usually don't get delayed that much, but it seemed there were a million things going on and anyway, here we are. Almost noon on a Friday afternoon. What a weird day/time to post! As always, these items are sold on a first-call/text, first-serve basis. I can be reached at ... [Continue Reading]

Sold out offerings

SOLD Sweet vintage dress form: $84.00 ... [Continue Reading]

Sold out offerings

SOLD Vintage wire basket: $14   SOLD Pair of  mercury glass vases: $16.00 SOLD Mercury glass lamp and shade: $22 SOLD Shabby turquoise entry table: $99 20 inches deep, 36 inches wide, 39 inches tall   SOLD Vintage wrought iron wheel: $22 19 inches in diameter SOLD Large shabby frame (love!): $18.00 16 inches ... [Continue Reading]

Sold out offerings

SOLD Square wreath: $34 SOLD Chalkboard: $22 24 inches x 16 inches SOLD Sweet vintage dulcimer: $24 Not in working condition, but great decor piece -- 37 inches tall SOLD  Farmhouse floral and basket: $24   SOLD White berry garland: $10 SOLD  Set of three shabby vases: $8 SOLD Wreath and door set: $59.00 24 inches x 79 ... [Continue Reading]

Sold out offerings.

SOLD Vintage child's desk: $49 That wire rack below! I'm dying! SOLD Pale aqua dish: $5.00 Would be cute in an entry way to hold keys. SOLD Long wire basket: $14 32 inches wide SOLD Shabby chic side table: $54 17 inches deep, 26 inches tall, 26 inches wide SOLD Pair of sweet mugs: $6.00 SOLD Wooden wallhanging: $14.00 SOLD ... [Continue Reading]

My favorite recent finds

    First and foremost, my darlings: Happy Valentine's Day! Mr. Keller and I usually go out on a date the weekend before and then have a little family party on the day of, where we exchange little presents and the boys each get a heart balloon. We have sparkling cider and a candle-lit dinner, and I make Mr. Keller's favorite ... [Continue Reading]

Sold out offerings.

SOLD Green glass canning jar, marked Italy REDUCED $9.00 SOLD Metal table fan: REDUCED $29.00 SOLD Shabby napkin holder: REDUCED $5.00 SOLD Pair of vintage books: REDUCED $5.00 SOLD Pair of Pillivuyt porcelain dishes marked France: REDUCED $9.00 SOLD White task lamp: REDUCED $10.00 SOLD Pair of wooden shutters: ... [Continue Reading]

Sold out offerings.

SOLD  Gorgeous shabby wooden buffet: $189.00 Solid wood, dovetail drawers. 20 1/2 inches deep, 54 inches wide, 38 inches tall   SOLD Farmhouse lidded dish: $10 SOLD Cream farmhouse pitcher: $8 SOLD Farmhouse ceramic canister: $12 SOLD Tin farmhouse pitcher: $12.00 SOLD Vintage scalloped jar: $8.00 SOLD Vintage flower jar: ... [Continue Reading]

Sold out offerings.

SOLD Vintage ironstone creamer: REDUCED $4.00 SOLD Shabby glass bowl with lid: REDUCED $3.00 SOLD Vintage wire hen egg basket: REDUCED $8.00 SOLD Hand painted sign: REDUCED $14.00 26 inches wide SOLD Vintage sea green glass lamp With gorgeous tarnished brass base. $22.00 SOLD Shabby pedestal bowl: $10.00 SOLD Large wicker ... [Continue Reading]

SOLD Shabby Chic Mantel Shelf

Shabby chic mantel shelf: $199 61 inches tall, 48 inches wide 15 inches deep at the top, 24 inches deep at the bottom ... [Continue Reading]

SOLD Shabby Wooden Desk

SOLD Shabby chic wooden desk: $79.00 17 inches deep, 41 inches wide, 31 inches tall ... [Continue Reading]

SOLD Shabby Chic Armoire

SOLD Shabby armoire dresser: $144 18 1/2 inches deep, 34 inchse wide, 49 inches tall. ... [Continue Reading]

SOLD Small desk and chair set

SOLD Small desk and chair set: $84.00 18 inches deep, 32 inches wide, 31 inches tall ... [Continue Reading]

More of our Christmas Tour

I took these photos last Monday with full intention of posting them days ago, but somehow it just didn't get done. Are the days flying for anyone else, too? I swear! Anyway, here are a few more pictures from the rest of our house. You all know I'm a no-color type of gal for 11 months out of the year, but I sure do love pulling out everything red ... [Continue Reading]

Living Room Christmas Tour

Good morning, my dears! Today, I thought I'd share with you some photos of our living room all decked out for Christmas. I'm still working on adding  a few touches throughout the rest of the house, but I'm planning on sharing some more photos next week. I, along with most of you, really love this time of year! It's so magical with children around ... [Continue Reading]

SOLD Vintage Buffet

SOLD Cute vintage buffet/entry table 16 1/2 inches deep, 34 inches wide, 31 inches tall. $89.00 ... [Continue Reading]

SOLD Vintage Buffet

SOLD Vintage Buffet ------------------------------------- It's in excellent condition. It measures 20 inches deep, 62 inches wide and 36 inches tall. It would be a perfect piece for an entryway or as a flatscreen tv console. It has been REDUCED to $199 ... [Continue Reading]

Sold Out Offerings

SOLD Large ceramic vase: REDUCED $10.00 SOLD White scalloped bowl: REDUCED $6.00 SOLD Copper teapot: REDUCED $10.00 SOLD Twig wreath: REDUCED $5.00 SOLD Square bowl (stoneware, I's very heavy!): REDUCED $9.00 SOLD Small shabby pitcher: $5.00 SOLD Sweet shabby teacups! Perfect addition to your white dishes ... [Continue Reading]

SOLD White Dresser

Tall white dresser: REDUCED $119 Solid wood, very well-built. Dovetail drawers. The second drawer down folds out into a writing desk. All four other drawers function as normal dresser drawers. It measures 19 inches deep, 45 inches tall and 32 inches wide. ... [Continue Reading]

SOLD Wooden Hutch

SOLD Hutch: $149 31 inches wide, 67 inches tall, 14 inches deep. This would be a cute bookcase, as well. Its size is so petite and versatile. It could work in a bedroom, as well, for cute things and pretty folded sweaters, etc. ... [Continue Reading]

Sold Out Offerings

SOLD. Sweet vintage Dynaware bowls (swoon!) REDUCED TO $6.00 for the pair SOLD Chalkboard Row of Hooks: REDUCED $15.00 SOLD Vintage birdie mug: REDUCED $3.00 SOLD Vintage Hound Mug: REDUCED $3.00 SOLD. Gorgeous shabby chic bowl: $12       SOLD Farmhouse pitcher: $12 SOLD Six-pane ... [Continue Reading]

SOLD Gorgeous Wooden Nine-drawer Dresser

Solid wood! Nine clean drawers that slide in and out easily. The bottom three drawers are lined with cedar wood. Beautiful honey-colored stain.  With its squared detail, it would be gorgeous painted with chalk or milk paint and distressed, as well. It measures 19 inches deep, 58 inches wide and 33 inches tall. It is priced at ... [Continue Reading]

Sold out offerings.

SOLD Vintage door and wreath set: $69.00 Door measures: 32 inches x 78 inches SOLD Vintage milk can #1: $22 SOLD Set of three dishes: $14.00 SOLD Milk can #2: $22 Great embossed lettering! SOLD Large vintage window frame mirror: $49.00 This measures 36 inches x 27 inches SOLD Shabby pitcher: $14.00 SOLD Large vintage ... [Continue Reading]

Sold Out Offerings

SOLD Vintage Cupboard Door: $18.00 Two available. These measure: 18 inches wide x 26 inches tall SOLD Set of three vintage bowls: $16.00 SOLD Large Chalkboard: $18.00 This measures 17 inches tall x 45 inches wide SOLD Striped Bowl: $8.00 SOLD Vintage USA Soup Tureen: $16.00 SOLD Brass pendant light: $49.00 SOLD Pair of ... [Continue Reading]