Favorite Recent Finds

It’s been a few months since I’ve shared some of my own recent finds, so I thought I’d share a few today.

I found this cute scalloped bowl at Home Goods in California. $7.99!IMG_4772.JPG

Another California Home Goods find:


I’ve think you guys have seen the vintage kitchen scale I bought earlier this summer, but I’m absolutely in love with these guinea fowl feathers.


I found this vintage pearl necklace at a yard sale for $1.00. I’m so in love!


 This cute collapsible tin box is a Wildhare estate sale find.

(Linda, did we decide it was a lunch box? I don’t know!)


More Wildhare estate sale finds – this glass box is to die for!


Yard sale find – for Mr. Keller’s new office! It technically wasn’t for sale, but I offered $20 and then batted my eyes and begged. I won.


I searched high and low and finally found a cream colored fan!

And the books below are from 1892. I paid more than I usually do for old books — $5.00 each, but I love the way the pages are jagged on the outside!


Vintage rooster – $1.00 thrift store find.


Vintage mirror – a $20 thrift store find! It’s chillin’ there temporarily until we move and it has a prettier place to be.

I’m debating on whether to restain it a little darker, or to change it up altogether and paint it white…..

ps: i spy a million handprints!


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