Shabby Chic End Table: sold.



This is a vintage Mersman end table that is in impeccable condition and built extremely sturdy. It measures 21 inches wide, 21 inches tall and 28 inches deep.

It is priced at $44.00.


Please note that all of our available items are in used condition and are purchased ‘as-is’. Our items are sold on a first-come (first call/text), first-serve basis. We aren’t able to hold items overnight. If you are from out-of-town and aren’t able to come purchase an item in the same day, Paypal is a payment option for you. We offer this as a courtesy for our out-of-town customers, but please remember we always encourage purchasers to come and view our pieces in person, if at all possible, to make sure your item(s) fit your needs. We do not offer refunds or returns. All sales are final, purchased via Paypal, or any other method. Thanks so much!

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