A little welcome and some recent finds!

Why hello, my dears! We wanted to extend an official welcome to our brand new website! We spent quite a bit of time preparing and designing it, and while I can’t take credit for all the hard work putting together everything on the back-end, we are so excited to have a bright and shiny new place to display our furniture and decor. I’m sure things will continue to change a little here and there, as we adjust and settle into WordPress. But, all in all, welcome!

As for a few matters of business: I just reduced pricing on a few items from last week, and Friday morning, we’ll be posting some new items, including a shabby chic armoire, three shabby side tables, a round shabby coffee table, a vintage child’s desk chair, two shabby blanket ladders and several Interiors items.

Tomorrow, we’ll be doing another feature on East Idaho Home Interiors and their new storefront on Center Street here in Pocatello. And on Monday, June 18th, I’ll be doing a feature on our bookcase mantel all spruced up for summertime!

As for today, though, I thought I’d share some of my own recent finds from the last few months. The number one thing I’m obsessed with lately is vintage fans. I cannot get enough of them! They are so decorative and historical, and are the perfect decorative addition for the summer months.

And so it goes.

This little fan is my absolute favorite. From its dusty blades, to that perfect shade of green, it matches perfectly in our living room, and I could just sit and swoon over it all day long.


I found this little blue fan in my grandma’s shed last fall. I’ve had it tucked away in a drawer, waiting for Summer to come so I could set it out.

It’s not as old as the one above, (I think it’s from the ’60s), but I think that color of blue is absolute perfection.


I thrifted this awesome curtain panel for $12.99. I think it’s from Target and it’s brand new.

Since there was only one panel available, I obviously won’t be using it as a curtain, but it’s at least three yards of fabric and I have some definite plans to make some new pillow covers.

I’m a sucker for beige and cream together.



I bought these starfish at TJ Maxx for $10. They are a little stinky, still, (as most shells are!), but I love the bleached color and the shape of them.

They even came exactly like this, in this cute net bag. Perfect for summer decor!



Here’s another darling vintage fan I’ll probably never let go : )



 I bought this awesome topographical map for $3.00 while out thrifting in January. It’s of Challis Idaho and is the perfect seafoam green.

PS – the chunky photo-dasher is our Sugar boy Danny who’ll be turning one this weekend!


The tall glass bottle was a Wildhare estate sale find in April. $8.00 was a fantastic deal, and shortly after I hauled it home, I saw one very similar staged in a Pottery Barn catalogue.


These vintage salt and pepper shakers were thrifted for $1.00.



The other thing I’ve been obsessing over is vintage scales. I love them oh, so much!

This Columbia Family Scale is from 1902. Swoon.


These awesome canisters are from Ross. I had scoured the store for a good hour and happened to walk to the back one more time to set something back and I noticed these on a side isle.

I bought six in total, which was all they had in stock. Black stamping on burlap? Yes, please.


I also picked the striped bowl up at Ross, as well. It was $7.99.


 These net candle holders are another Ross find. $3.49 each.


 And yet another Ross find: the gray hanging basket. It’s fairly flat and fits flush up against the wall.

I had been looking so long for something to cover this awkward hall space. This is the perfect item for it.


This vintage ship print is another Wildhare estate sale find from last summer. It came out of the old Gasser estate on 7th street.

That sale is probably my very favorite sale to date. That house was straight out of a novel. I think I went back at least four times, just to explore it and swoon!


  I found this fabric at Walmart for $2.50 a yard. I absolutely fell in love with it and bought all they had. I sewed two cuts of three yards together, hemmed the edges and made a quick, inexpensive coverlet for our bed.

As I’ve said before, I’m all about making easy, inexpensive switches with the seasons. This cost me under $15.00 and I love how it has lightened and shabbied our bedroom.

The ruffle pillow was TJ Maxx find two years ago.



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