A new little something, and buying flowers for myself.

Happy Friday, darlings. It’s been one long week and I can tell you I’m so looking forward to making a treat or two, going Saturday treasure hunting, and taking a long Sunday nap.  

Last weekend, I scored this vintage doily at D.I. for just $1.00. While the idea of setting lamps and other decor on doilies might be a little more feminine than what I’m trying to achieve right now in our living room, I’ve had this idea of hanging a few here and there on the wall. This one is the perfect shape and texture and looks right sweet clipped to my vintage wooden hanger.  

Every now and then, I come home from the grocery store with flowers for myself. Mr. Keller thinks it’s funny, but it does wonders to cheer up a room! And for $2.50, why not?!
PS – tell me I’m not the only gal that does this for herself…… 

 And lastly, April’s ‘At Home’ Features

Happy Weekend! See you around.


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