Around the house: early spring.

Here at our house, I have made it so that January = early spring in my book. Otherwise, I get the big-time blues. As soon as Christmas is over, I tuck everything ‘holiday’ away and pull out spring-ish things. Not too ‘springy’, but enough that I can breathe a little. I make sure my January Pottery Barn catalog is ordered in plenty of time to give me fresh ideas, and I make it a point to buy a few new things as well. We’ll call that part retail therapy, if you will.
Here’s our entryway.
I thrifted the hat last summer and have had it tucked away since. I love love love the bow. The cotton flower pillow was something else I also had from a few years back.    
I change the message on my entryway chalkboard every month.
I thought ‘Begin Anew’ was perfect for January.

This is my sweet new apron I bought last week from TJ’s. 

The pale yellow petal bowls are a recent thrift store find.
$1.00 each!
Here’s a few new pictures of our living room.

And here’s our mantle/new bookcase. I can’t seem to arrange it the way I’d like it to be, so I’ll be posting more, changed pictures later, I’m sure.
Notice my pretty new canvas painting I also picked up last week from TJ Maxx.
Here’s a new arrangement in the dining room.

I found these mercury glass ornaments on the big Shopko clearance sale. They were a steal at $1.75 each!
We’re switching things around in our office/guest room so I brought both of these lamps into our room for a change. Remember I thrifted these for $4.00 each last January?

Cloches are great spring decor items. These are all thrift store finds from last year!

My $4.00 thrift store find last summer. I love this little darling.

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