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Favorite Finds and Projects

Favorite Finds and Projects Favorite Finds and Projects

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New price-reduced items!

Upcoming: Vintage Farm at the Vintage Flea – October 23-24 – Don Aslett’s in Pocatello!

Vintage Farm on Instagram: @vintagefarmpocatello


REDUCED! Wood slat console/entry table: $99

{{{fan will be available for purchase at the Vintage Flea in October!}}}



REDUCED! Farmhouse rooster: $10

IMG_1897-2000 IMG_1900-2000

REDUCED! Vintage wood door: $34

IMG_1908-2000 IMG_1905-2000

REDUCED! Tin pitcher: $10


REDUCED! Vintage school bell: $8


REDUCED! Shabby bird: $8


REDUCED! Set of three vintage muffin tins: $8.00


REDUCED! Vintage flour sifter: $5


REDUCED! Set of three saucer plates: $5.00



REDUCED! Floral pot: $10


REDUCED! Three down feather throw pillows: $10


REDUCED! Vintage doily on round wall display: $4.00


REDUCED! Ticking chair slipcover: $30

Like-new, used for three weeks or so.



REDUCED! Aqua basket vase: $10


REDUCED! Large aqua window (with glass in tact): $18


REDUCED! Large piece of wood for mantel or tabletop: $20



REDUCED! Set of three vintage bowls: $8


REDUCED! Vintage child’s quilt: $10.00


Sold out offerings


Good morning, my dears! It's been a while, as I took a handful of weeks off to enjoy the last few weeks of summer with my boys. I hope everyone has a wonderful back-to-school week. We're ready to get into a nice routine/schedule, and as always, I'm definitely looking forward to autumn. New items have been posted this morning, of course, but I ... [Continue Reading]

Stack sales! Reduced items!


SOLD Stack sale #1: $68 Saw horse table, vintage tin bucket, vintage crate, vintage wood slat piece, vintage jewelry box, vintage canister, vintage door SOLD Vintage sofa table/desk: $99 Would be a cute and unique dining table, too. SOLD Vintage 'Childcraft' book set: $34 15 book set. Awesome statement piece with such bright colors. ... [Continue Reading]

Sold out offerings

SOLD  Vintage turquoise metal table: $89 Perfect potting bench or entryway table! SOLD Set of four white metal chairs: $50 SOLD Vintage mirrored vanity tray: $10 SOLD Vintage mirror: $14   ... [Continue Reading]

Sold out offerings


SOLD Set of vintage muffin tins and bowl tins: $14     SOLD Vintage floor lamp: $34 Cast iron, needs rewiring. Would be so cute painted with milk paint! SOLD Set of three frames: $16 All ready to be shabbied up!   ... [Continue Reading]

Sold out offerings


VINTAGE FARM IS NOW ON INSTAGRAM! FIND US HERE: @VINTAGEFARMPOCATELLO! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SOLD Vintage space heater: $20 Perfect pop of color!     SOLD Large vintage quilt: ... [Continue Reading]

New items now available! Shutter panels, vintage fan, vintage kitchen items, large glass jug, lots more!

VINTAGE FARM NOW ON INSTAGRAM. Find us here: @vintagefarmpocatello! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SALE PENDING Large aqua glass jug: $28   SOLD Vintage milk glass pitcher: $10     SOLD Vintage mirror: $12   Vintage bowl and ... [Continue Reading]

Sold out offerings

  SOLD Vintage radio: $18 SOLD Vintage wooden crate: $14 SOLD Set of sea blue glass bottles: $18 ... [Continue Reading]

Sold out offerings


SOLD Vintage fan #2: $58   SOLD Vintage scale scoop: $10   SOLD Vintage ironstone soup tureen: $24   SOLD Vintage kitchen scale: $44     SOLD Vintage framed print (so awesome!): $34   SOLD Sweet vintage pail: $14 Would be so cute in a craft room or ... [Continue Reading]

House Tour!

VINTAGE FARM NOW ON INSTAGRAM! FIND US HERE: @VINTAGEFARMPOCATELLO ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Good morning! Since the last house tour I did was back in December, I wanted to stop by and share more recent photos of our home. If you've followed ... [Continue Reading]

Vintage Farm now on Instagram!

Happy weekend, my dears. Just stopping by to announce that at long last, Vintage Farm is now on Instagram! We feel this will eventually be the best way to stay connected to our beloved customers. Find us here: @vintagefarmpocatello. Xoxo!     ... [Continue Reading]


REDUCED! Farmhouse dining table: $89 Tongue and groove slat top REDUCED! Pair of floral glass decor bowls/light fixture covers: $14 REDUCED! Lovely turquoise school desk: $48 REDUCED Sweet vintage glass jar: $8 REDUCED! Accordion wood piece: $10 Great vignette backdrop REDUCED! Vintage wooden frame: ... [Continue Reading]

Sold out offerings


SOLD Pair of shabby pink screens: $22   SOLD Vintage tin strainer: $10   SOLD Vintage school bell: $14   SOLD Vintage wire basket: $10 SOLD Vintage ladder #1: $28 SOLD Pair of tin farmhouse s & p shakers: $8.00 SOLD Vintage yellow crock: $14 SOLD Oblong wire basket: $20 Would ... [Continue Reading]

Sold out offerings

SOLD Gorgeous chippy turquoise cupboard: $184 Would be so cute used as a potting bench on a porch, in a laundry room, or in a bathroom as a bathroom vanity (the sink could easily be cut into the space above the cupboard doors). It measures 23 1/2 inches deep, 56 1/2 inches wide, and 29 inches tall (height to the counter top, not including the ... [Continue Reading]

Sold out offerings


  SOLD Vintage wood rocking chair: $74   SOLD Vintage barn door/headboard base: $134 Would also be a great candidate for a sliding barn door inside a home. 62 inches wide x 82 3/4 inches tall Mustard yellow on one side, chippy farmhouse white with awesome awesome hardware on the other ... [Continue Reading]

New items just price-reduced! Lots to choose from! Vintage mirror, vintage doors, potting bench table, lots more!

REDUCED! Farmhouse console table: $54 19 inches deep, 47 inches wide, 28 inches tall REDUCED! Vintage tin pitcher: $9.00 REDUCED! Vintage milk crate: $18 REDUCED! Vintage glass jar: $5 REDUCED! Large wire whisk: $12 REDUCED! Wooden loom: $8 REDUCED! Vintage Ball canning jar: $5.00 REDUCED! Large vintage mirror: ... [Continue Reading]

Sold out offerings


SOLD Vintage fan: $48 SOLD Wood farmhouse tote: $14   SOLD Vintage wire basket: $14     SOLD Vintage potato basket: $22   SOLD Gorgeous set of vintage 'Nature Library' series: $38 Such sweet subject matter (birds, animals, trees, butterflies, garden flowers, wild ... [Continue Reading]

Price-reduced items! Sale!!!!

Good morning! I have several items that were purchased back in April that have not been picked up. Please get in contact with me sometime today if this applies to you. All items not claimed and picked up today will be sold in a stack sale tomorrow morning. I simply do not have room to store things for longer than two weeks, especially during my ... [Continue Reading]

Sold out offerings


    SOLD Pair of vintage cupboard panels: $34 Great vignette backdrop Each panel is 22 inches wide x 39 inches tall   SOLD Shabby chic wood panels (set of five, not just the tree pictured) $24.00       SOLD Vintage mop bucket: $16     Pair of ... [Continue Reading]

SALE! New items just price-reduced! Tons to choose from!!!

SOLD Set of four vintage hot pads: $12.00 REDUCED! Vintage tray: $12 REDUCED! Pair of vintage paint brushes: $14 SOLD Pair of vintage napkins: $6 REDUCED! Vintage kitchen strainer: $8 SOLD Sea green flower pot: $14 SOLD Wood wall cabinet: $18 REDUCED! Vintage watering can: $12 SOLD Vintage window: ... [Continue Reading]

Sold out offerings

SOLD Vintage buffalo check picnic tablecloth: $16   SOLD Vintage salt and pepper shakers: $24         SOLD Square floral hot pad: $8     SOLD Vintage potato bin: $99 Perfect for your mudroom/laundry area to store shoes or laundry in. This would also be cute on a porch ... [Continue Reading]

Sold out offerings

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- REDUCED! Vintage Roseville Pottery Beautiful colors! $10.00 SOLD Gorgeous farmhouse door: $64 Glass all in tact but for the bottom left pane SOLD Vintage round-rung ladder (#1): $38 Round rungs are those perfect leaning ladders, great for ... [Continue Reading]

Sold out offerings

SOLD Gorgeous aqua blue screen door: $44     SOLD Gorgeous sixteen pane window: $148 SOLD Large ironstone basin: $16   SOLD Chippy farmhouse door: $48 Would also be a perfect tabletop!   ... [Continue Reading]

SALE! Tons of newly price-reduced items!

REDUCED! Farmhouse metal plate holder: $10 REDUCED! Vintage wood rocker: $20 REDUCED! Farmhouse bowl: $6 REDUCED! Large vintage galvanized tin tub: $18 REDUCED! Spindle tote: $8 REDUCED! Vintage market basket (Oblong and so cute!): $6 REDUCED! Pair of green glass bottles: $6 REDUCED! Vintage ironstone pitcher: ... [Continue Reading]

Sold out offerings

SOLD Potting bench $124 Lovely vintage enamel sink and stand! Perfect for your outdoor space! Flowers would be so cute planted directly in the sink, leaving the side space for potting other flowers and plants SOLD Vintage gray and cream door: $64 SOLD Farmhouse screen door: $44 SOLDVintage ladder: $18 SOLD Vintage green ... [Continue Reading]

New Vintage Farm Booth at Black Rail Antiques!


  Good morning! I just wanted to share a few recent photos of our new booth at Black Rail Antiques in Old Town, Pocatello. We will still continue regular posting here, in addition to running this booth. There are several other vendors and over two stories of treasures to be found! We restock our booth each Friday morning, so be sure to ... [Continue Reading]