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Favorite Finds and Projects

Favorite Finds and Projects

Favorite Finds and Projects Favorite Finds and Projects

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SALE!!! Everything from Tuesday’s post just price-reduced!

REDUCED! Scalloped pedestal vase: $5


REDUCED! Vintage glass sugar bowl (so, so sweet!): $5



REDUCED! Twig wreath: $12


REDUCED! Gorgeous vintage teapot: $12



REDUCED! Vintage gathering basket: $8



REDUCED! Vintage chopper: $8


SOLD REDUCED! Vintage sugar bowl and cream pitcher: $8

REDUCED!  Small wicker egg basket: $5



REDUCED! Set of three green glass canning jars: $8



SOLD Spring wreath: $12



REDUCED! Vintage doily wall hanging: $8IMG_8993.JPGIMG_8982.JPG

SOLD Wooden shelf frame with doily: $16



REDUCED! Large shabby basket: $16



SOLD Farmhouse candle holder: $16



REDUCED! Large wire basket, cream color: $14



REDUCED! Metal gray pedestal bowl: $10


REDUCED! Wood crate: $12IMG_9060.JPG


REDUCED! Set of three corn dishes: $6


REDUCED! Vintage saucer plates: $4

Set of four, lots of pretty crazing



REDUCED! Vintage Coca-Cola Bottles: $14

Local, three marked ‘Pocatello’, one marked ‘Twin Falls’

That gorgeous green glass we all love!





REDUCED! Pair of vintage bowls: $5


REDUCED! Veggie pair (so cute!): $8



REDUCED! Farmhouse rooster: $5


REDUCED! Pair of spring garden mugs: $6


REDUCED! Pair of vintage lights: $10

Great shelf decor!



SOLD Vintage globe: $18


Sold out offerings

SOLD Small shabby frame: $8 SOLD Kitchen stack 1: $15 vintage bundt, vintage ironstone teacup, three vintage ironstone plates, wire egg basket (eggs no included) SOLD Large vintage basket: $16 SOLD Vintage scale: $22 SOLD Kitchen stack 2: $12 vintage hankie, vintage green bottle, vintage teacup, two vintage plates SOLD ... [Continue Reading]

Sold out offerings

SOLD Milk bottle: $6 SOLD Set of three green vases: $5 REDUCED! Large shabby platter: $10 REDUCED! Cream pitcher and sugar bowl: $9, pair decor only, not for food use REDUCED! Vintage footed platter: $9.00 silver-plated SOLD Sweet lidded dish: $5.00 SOLD Sweet vintage apron: $9.00 SOLD Two vintage jars and aqua glass bottle: ... [Continue Reading]

Sold out offerings.

SOLD Vintage tin handle box: $16     SOLD Vintage laurel leaf frame: $8 SOLD Farmhouse gravy boat (love!): $10 SOLD Sweet vintage cookbook: $10 That perfect aqua color! SOLD Large spool of ?: $14 Not quite sure what it is, latches of some kind. Would be cute in a sewing or craft room, or laundry ... [Continue Reading]

Sold out offerings

SOLD Set of four farmhouse mugs: $8.00 SOLD Pale blue vase: $8 Tulip creamer pitcher: $5 SOLD Vintage glass jar: $8 SOLD Marble platter and cloche: $14 SOLD Midcentury turquoise chair: $24 SOLD Large metal plate rack: $14 SOLD Shabby teal oval frame: $16 ... [Continue Reading]

Sold out offerings

SOLD Large spool of seafoam blue bias: $18 Such cute shelf decor! Sweet kitchen stack: Basket, three aqua plates and pair of vintage floral mugs: $14 SOLD Stack of nine gorgeous farmhouse bowls: $14.00 SOLD Large hand painted Jane Austen sign: $44 29 1/2 inches wide x 14 1/2 inches tall "There's nothing like staying at home for ... [Continue Reading]

Sold out offerings

SOLD Shabby chic pitcher: $10 SOLD Vintage hen and rooster, pair: $18.00   SOLD Vintage mid-century breadbox: $22 I absolutely love the gray tin and the wood mix! Very farmhouse chic! SOLD Green glass bottle: $8.00 SOLD Large vintage frame: $24 31 1/2 inches x 44 inches   SOLD Wooden farmhouse bench: ... [Continue Reading]

Sold out offerings

SOLD Vintage blue gate: $48.00 38 inches x 41 inches REDUCED! Vintage stool: $22 REDUCED! Gorgeous, heavy USA pitcher and basin: $19 REDUCED! Faux paperwhites in tin: $19 SOLD Fabric, two pieces, each piece is 55 inches x 58 inches $10.00 REDUCED! Valentine's stack: $10.00 Vintage cherubs! Vintage heart! *berries and book ... [Continue Reading]

Sold out offerings.

SOLD Vintage kitchen scale: $44 Farm fresh as you get! Gorgeous chippy paint. Cream scales are hard to find! SOLD Vintage Hobnail milk glass butter dish: $16 SOLD Vanity shelf: $24.00 19 1/2 inches tall x 24 inches wide x 7 inches deep Comes with appropriate mounting hardware SOLD Large twig mirror: $65 ... [Continue Reading]

Sold out offerings

REDUCED! Vintage industrial stool: $36 Such a unique addition to any room, hallway, office, or entry. I love this little guy! Would make a killer photo prop for senior photos. REDUCED! Screened window floating headboard: $39.00 combined 72 inches wide x 55 inches tall   REDUCED! Gray basket: $4.00 REDUCED! Brand new shabby gray lamp: ... [Continue Reading]

Sold out offerings

    SOLD Farmhouse library table/desk: $99 24 inches deep, 42 inches wide, 30 inches tall SOLD Vintage school desk: $44 SOLD Vintage sugar bowl: $4.00 SOLD Shabby window: $18.00 SOLD Pair of teal bowls: $6.00 ... [Continue Reading]

New items now available! Vintage file cabinet, wreaths, stack sales, reduced items, more!

SOLD Berry wreath: $16   Metal over-the-door hook: $14.00 (this fits the average size door - this vintage door is uniquely narrow)         SOLD Twig wreath: $10.00 SOLD Tin farmhouse pitcher: $8.00 Gorgeous teal accent bowl: $14.00 SOLD Shabby office file box: $14.00 SOLD Large candle ... [Continue Reading]

Sold out offerings

REDUCED! Farmhouse chandelier: $44 27 inches tall x 26 inches wide SOLD Set of three 24-inch farmhouse barstools, with brown striped ticking fabric: $99 for the set of three SOLD Large farmhouse dresser: $249 48 inches wide, 48 inches tall, 26 inches deep (deep!), drawers are 20 inches deep with wood slat bottoms! Very heavy, solid wood, ... [Continue Reading]

Sold out offerings.

SOLD Stack of high quality home interior fabric: $22 The two middle pieces of fabric are at least three yards SOLD Large scalloped platter: $10 SOLD Pair of vintage silver-plated dishes: $8.00 SOLD Stack 1: $18 Vintage sheet music stack, vintage pitcher and basic, floral pot, vintage cutting board, vintage measuring spoons, ... [Continue Reading]

House Tour: Christmas Edition

Good morning, my dears! I'm so excited to share a Christmas house tour with you this morning. It usually takes me forever in a day to get things the way I want them. I'll be fiddling around until Christmas and then it will be time to take it all down! Yesterday, Mr. Keller took the boys for a few hours so I could take some photos. Those of you who ... [Continue Reading]

Sold out offerings.

SOLD Shabby Christmas village: $22.00 SOLD Feather Christmas tree: $20 SOLD Stack 2: $14 Several spools of stripe ribbon (not sure amount of yards, but enough for two Christmas trees, at least). Snowflake runner piece (not a full runner, but still a nice piece to decorate with). Paper Christmas sign. SOLD Stack 3: ... [Continue Reading]

Sold out offerings.

SOLD Gorgeous vintage mirror: $28.00 24 inches in diameter REDUCED! Gorgeous green vase: $8.00 SOLD Vintage shabby pedestal vase (so lovely!): $8.00 REDUCED! Vintage brush: $9.00 Vintage bristle brush: $9 REDUCED! Shabby gravy boat: $4 REDUCED! Vintage sugar bowl: $6.00 SOLD White pitcher: $5.00 REDUCED! Vintage ... [Continue Reading]

Sold out offerings.

SOLD Vintage aqua pitcher: $12   SOLD Red wire baskets (two available): $14.00 each, $25 for the pair SOLD Pedestal cutting board: $14.00 Great kitchen vignette base! SOLD Vintage galvanized oil pitcher: $10 SOLD Red pitcher: $8 SOLD  Vintage Christmas tree board (love!): $22 SOLD Vintage metal folding chair: ... [Continue Reading]

Sold out offerings

Stack sale 1: $24.00 Vintage pail, canvas painting, large shabby pitcher and basin, pair of doilies, cutting board set (two of the three cutting boards are usable, the other one is decorative only)   SOLD Stack sale 2: $14.00 pair of green vases, vintage cookie cutters, wood handled utensil, vintage pyrex bowl, pair of chalkboard ... [Continue Reading]

Sold out offerings.

REDUCED! Large berry wreath: $20 REDUCED! Horse head statue: $9 REDUCED! Wooden bowl: $5.00 SOLD! Beautiful Italian platter: $9.00 Large! 16 inches x 20 inches! REDUCED! Large pitcher and basin: $14.00 SOLD Vintage muffin tin: $8.00 REDUCED! Shabby canister: $5.00 REDUCED! Wooden breadboard set: $10.00 REDUCED! ... [Continue Reading]

Sold out offerings

SOLD REDUCED Pair of shabby panel doors: $59.00         ... [Continue Reading]

Sold out offerings

SOLD Midcentury shelf: $64.00 Farmhouse chic! Such cute legs! I think this would be cute in a dining room or kitchen displaying a bunch of white dishes, pitchers, tablecloths, etc. SOLD Vintage square ironstone bowl: $14.00 SOLD Vintage spouted bowl (the sweetest thing I've ever seen!): $5.00 SOLD Vintage mirror: $24.00 ... [Continue Reading]

Happy Halloween!

  Happy Halloween, my dears! Here are a few photos from last year. Have a great weekend! Xoxo! ... [Continue Reading]

Sold out offerings.

SOLD Vintage head busts: $22 each Beautiful crazing detail!     SOLD Glass bottles in crate and vintage pyrex creamer: $14.00 for the set SOLD Farmhouse stack: $16 SOLD Gorgeous vintage Belgian baby blanket: $14.00 SOLD Vintage teapot (loooove!): $14.00 SOLD Vintage ironstone bowl: $4.00 ... [Continue Reading]

Autumn tour for Flourish, new items up tomorrow!

I just thought I'd drop in and share some recent photos of our living room and entry way. I'm a regular contributor for Idaho State Journal's Flourish magazine and my assignment this month was to cozy up my living space for autumn. Autumn's pretty much my favorite time of year to decorate. I often skip over "spooky" decor until just a few days ... [Continue Reading]

New items just price-reduced!!!

REDUCED! Vintage copper tub with birch wood: $34.00 Gorgeous patina! REDUCED! Sweet vintage Pyrex creamer: $6.00 SOLD Pitcher and basin: $6.00 REDUCED! Large cream canister: $6.00 SOLD Vintage emerald pyrex bowl: $8.00 REDUCED! Basket lamp: $8.00 This would be so cute painted and distressed! *shade not included* ... [Continue Reading]