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Favorite Finds and Projects Favorite Finds and Projects

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House Tour: Christmas Edition


Good morning, my dears! I’m so excited to share a Christmas house tour with you this morning. It usually takes me forever in a day to get things the way I want them. I’ll be fiddling around until Christmas and then it will be time to take it all down! Yesterday, Mr. Keller took the boys for a few hours so I could take some photos. Those of you who have followed us for a while know that I used to do a lot more personal decorating posts, but I swear to you, there isn’t enough time in the day anymore. As my boys grow older, we’re so much more busy than we used to be. I do still have a huge passion for decorating, though. I promise! My goal is to post more consistently in the upcoming year.  I’m glad I had the chance to take a few (or a million) photos yesterday to share with you.

Let’s start off in our front room; my ‘special room’ (as my boys call it). I know there are some really pretty artificial trees these days, but in my house, our tree will always and forever be a live tree. I get so attached to them over the few weeks they are in our home. I’m a tree girl, anyway. I love the individuality and personality trees have. This one ended up being a lot bigger than I thought! The tree is always the hardest to decorate, in my opinion. This year, I finally realized why. I have this need to keep them simple and I get all caught up with the idea the craft store Christmas tree. Really, trees are beautiful all on their own. I decorated this one at least five times, and ended up with a few simple ornaments and some thin ribbon. Simple is best for me.

As far as sources go, I won’t have time to touch on each source today. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at, though I’m really terrible at replying to email. I will try! I would say 75% of my home is decorated in secondhand finds. TJ Maxx is my next go-to store, along with Ross and Tuesday Morning.

Here we go:
































Do I like those red pillows? Still trying to decide!








 {Entryway }








{Family Room}



Our sweet little wild Christmas tree. I love her shape!



This mirror is a recent find from Farm House Furniture in Old Town (Pocatello) and I am so smitten by it! It’s beveled and scalloped!

I cannot even tell you guys how much I love this mirror!


Pillows: TJ Maxx and Hobby Lobby

 And a project I haven’t shared yet: our painted fireplace! My best friend had been encouraging me to paint that sucker for a while now and I’m so glad I took the plunge.

It has made a huge difference in the look and feel of our home.






Wrapping paper I bought with intention to use this Christmas, but they look so cute in this bucket, I may have to save them for next Christmas to decorate with like I have done this Christmas. I’m not sure if I can part with them!




{Kitchen Hot Cocoa Station}


We’ve been very conscious about eating non-gmo foods this year, and Nesquik was one of the first things we threw out.

This homemade recipe is simple:

1/3 cup cocoa powder, 2/3 cup organic evaporated cane sugar, a pinch of salt






I love buying pomegranates this time of year! They are truly such a beautiful fruit.





{Our dining room}












IMG_4797.JPG IMG_4804-D100.jpg





IMG_4836.JPG IMG_4864.JPG



New items now available! Feather wreaths, stack sales, more!

Feather wreath: $16 Plaid table runner - 7 feet: $12 4 red glass Christmas bulbs: $5   Elk pillow: $12     Striped red jute rug: $18 Like-new Stack 1: $22 Feather wreath, canister set, three glass star ornaments, plaid fabric, vintage cloche hat  Stack 2: $18 Small pitcher, wire ... [Continue Reading]

Sold out offerings.

SOLD Shabby Christmas village: $22.00 SOLD Feather Christmas tree: $20 SOLD Stack 2: $14 Several spools of stripe ribbon (not sure amount of yards, but enough for two Christmas trees, at least). Snowflake runner piece (not a full runner, but still a nice piece to decorate with). Paper Christmas sign. SOLD Stack 3: ... [Continue Reading]

Sold out offerings.

SOLD Gorgeous vintage mirror: $28.00 24 inches in diameter REDUCED! Gorgeous green vase: $8.00 SOLD Vintage shabby pedestal vase (so lovely!): $8.00 REDUCED! Vintage brush: $9.00 Vintage bristle brush: $9 REDUCED! Shabby gravy boat: $4 REDUCED! Vintage sugar bowl: $6.00 SOLD White pitcher: $5.00 REDUCED! Vintage ... [Continue Reading]

Sold out offerings.

SOLD Vintage aqua pitcher: $12   SOLD Red wire baskets (two available): $14.00 each, $25 for the pair SOLD Pedestal cutting board: $14.00 Great kitchen vignette base! SOLD Vintage galvanized oil pitcher: $10 SOLD Red pitcher: $8 SOLD  Vintage Christmas tree board (love!): $22 SOLD Vintage metal folding chair: ... [Continue Reading]

Sold out offerings

Stack sale 1: $24.00 Vintage pail, canvas painting, large shabby pitcher and basin, pair of doilies, cutting board set (two of the three cutting boards are usable, the other one is decorative only)   SOLD Stack sale 2: $14.00 pair of green vases, vintage cookie cutters, wood handled utensil, vintage pyrex bowl, pair of chalkboard ... [Continue Reading]

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REDUCED! Large berry wreath: $20 REDUCED! Horse head statue: $9 REDUCED! Wooden bowl: $5.00 SOLD! Beautiful Italian platter: $9.00 Large! 16 inches x 20 inches! REDUCED! Large pitcher and basin: $14.00 SOLD Vintage muffin tin: $8.00 REDUCED! Shabby canister: $5.00 REDUCED! Wooden breadboard set: $10.00 REDUCED! ... [Continue Reading]

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SOLD REDUCED Pair of shabby panel doors: $59.00         ... [Continue Reading]

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SOLD Midcentury shelf: $64.00 Farmhouse chic! Such cute legs! I think this would be cute in a dining room or kitchen displaying a bunch of white dishes, pitchers, tablecloths, etc. SOLD Vintage square ironstone bowl: $14.00 SOLD Vintage spouted bowl (the sweetest thing I've ever seen!): $5.00 SOLD Vintage mirror: $24.00 ... [Continue Reading]

Happy Halloween!

  Happy Halloween, my dears! Here are a few photos from last year. Have a great weekend! Xoxo! ... [Continue Reading]

Sold out offerings.

SOLD Vintage head busts: $22 each Beautiful crazing detail!     SOLD Glass bottles in crate and vintage pyrex creamer: $14.00 for the set SOLD Farmhouse stack: $16 SOLD Gorgeous vintage Belgian baby blanket: $14.00 SOLD Vintage teapot (loooove!): $14.00 SOLD Vintage ironstone bowl: $4.00 ... [Continue Reading]

Autumn tour for Flourish, new items up tomorrow!

I just thought I'd drop in and share some recent photos of our living room and entry way. I'm a regular contributor for Idaho State Journal's Flourish magazine and my assignment this month was to cozy up my living space for autumn. Autumn's pretty much my favorite time of year to decorate. I often skip over "spooky" decor until just a few days ... [Continue Reading]

New items just price-reduced!!!

REDUCED! Vintage copper tub with birch wood: $34.00 Gorgeous patina! REDUCED! Sweet vintage Pyrex creamer: $6.00 SOLD Pitcher and basin: $6.00 REDUCED! Large cream canister: $6.00 SOLD Vintage emerald pyrex bowl: $8.00 REDUCED! Basket lamp: $8.00 This would be so cute painted and distressed! *shade not included* ... [Continue Reading]

Sold out offerings

SOLD Farmhouse lidded bowl: $14.00 SOLD Vintage pale blue Samsonite luggage with gorgeous brass detailing: $34.00 Such a beautiful, subtle color - great photo prop! SOLD Vintage afghan (large!): $34.00 Great for a child's room or playroom, or photo prop! SOLD Vintage galvanized pail: $10.00 SOLD Gorgeous vintage wooden ... [Continue Reading]

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 REDUCED! Gorgeous vintage Singer sewing machine: $24.00! REDUCED! Vintage teapot set: $9.00 REDUCED! Vintage glasses: $5.00 SOLD REDUCED! Vintage pocket watch: $5 REDUCED! Large soup tureen: $16 SOLD! Shabby chic metal basket: $12 SOLD Set of ten vintage napkins: $8.00! REDUCED! Tan ceramic bowl: $4.00 SOLD! ... [Continue Reading]

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SOLD Vintage anchor and rope: $24 SOLD Farmhouse entry bench/halltree: REDUCED! $149 35 inches wide, 80 inches tall, 18 inches deep SOLD Large chalkboard: $22 30 inches x 44 inches Vintage aqua jar: $10 SOLD Set of vintage mixing bowls: $18 SOLD Vintage wooden tool chest: $24 Perfect vignette base, lovely ... [Continue Reading]

Heads up! New items to be posted tomorrow morning!


Hello there! Just checking in to let you know there will be a huge post of tons of new items tomorrow morning around 9am! And some major sweeeeeeet stack sales, too! Lots of them! Stay tuned....... PS - here's a picture of our booth from the Vintage Flea last weekend! This was, of course, before the mad-dash at ... [Continue Reading]

WildHare Vintage Flea opens tomorrow at 9am!


    What a day, you guys! We were feeling the love! The market opens back up tomorrow morning at 9am (not 10am, as I had originally announced!). Come back! We all have new goodies set out! See you tomorrow! Xoxo! ... [Continue Reading]

Vintage Flea sneak peak and today’s big giveaway!

Good morning! Today is the day of our big giveaway on our Vintage Farm Facebook page! A $30 booth credit to our Vintage Farm booth, plus two early bird entry tickets! Please visit our Facebook page for details on how to enter. And please enjoy a sneak peak of a few items that will be available at the WildHare Vintage Flea THIS WEEKEND! Friday: ... [Continue Reading]

Autumn Mantel and a King Shutter Headboard for sale

WildHare Vintage Flea THIS WEEKEND! Pocatello Pine Ridge Mall (next to Herberger’s) Friday: 9am-7pm Saturday: 10am-5pm We will be giving a pair of ‘Early Bird’ tickets later today and tomorrow (Thursday), we will be giving away another pair of 'Early Bird' tickets in addition to a $30 booth credit to our Vintage Farm booth that some lucky ... [Continue Reading]

My favorite recent finds

You guys, The WildHare Vintage Flea is THIS WEEKEND! THIS WEEKEND! THIS WEEKEND! At the Pocatello Pine Ridge Mall (next to Herberger's) Friday: 9am-7pm Saturday: 10am-5pm We will be giving a pair of 'Early Bird' tickets for the next three days, and on Thursday, the giveaway will also include a $30 booth credit to our Vintage Farm booth that ... [Continue Reading]

Sold our offerings

REDUCED! Vintage turquoise sewing machine: $39 REDUCED! Vintage bookcase: $44 31 inches x 31 inches x 9 inches deep REDUCED! Vintage armchair: $34! Vintage side table: $22 White bark wood logs: 5 for $10 Your pick from my stack! Perfect for autumn décor!   ... [Continue Reading]

Vintage Farm at the Vintage Flea event! Just under two weeks away!


The flea market is just under two weeks away, you guys! Things are coming down to the wire now! I've saved some of my best finds all summer long for this event! This year, Linda's offering Early Bird entry at $5 per person, which is so great! So, plan to be lined up bright and early! Can't wait to see you all again! PS - I'll also be posting new ... [Continue Reading]

Sold out offerings.

 SOLD Vintage Singer sewing machine Lovely detail, unique bookshelf decor $44.00     SOLD Stack sale: $22  Apple wreath, two glass jugs, farmhouse canister, two lidded canisters, a vintage teacup with teal floral, one vintage turquoise plate, a set of three turquoise floral plates, pair of white glass ... [Continue Reading]

Sold out offerings.

REDUCED! Red apple wreath: $14 SOLD! Pair of vintage headlights: $16 Great patina! Perfect for bookshelf decor in an office, or in a boy's room. SOLD!!! Vintage child's hutch and displayed accessories: $39 Project piece! Comes with small square picnic quilt, child's picnic basket and some plastic dishes 25 inches wide, 42 inches tall, ... [Continue Reading]

Sold out offerings.

SOLD Gorgeous shabby chic four-poster twin headboard and footboard: $69.00 40 inches wide, 69 inches tall Beautiful focal piece for a little girl's room! SOLD Stack of vintage books: $14 Great colors! Red and teal! SOLD Vintage phone: $18.00 Great photo prop or playroom accessory! SOLD Vintage umbrella: $10 Super cute ... [Continue Reading]